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Cloud Academy

Informatica Cloud Academy is a learning management website offering a catalog of self-paced classes that blend multimedia and simulations, enabling you to learn how to use Informatica products, supplement your existing skills, or download tips and tricks from our constantly growing library.

There are a few key ways to get started on Cloud Academy. It all depends on your experience with Informatica Cloud and what level of training or guidance you need to get up and running in Informatica Cloud.

  • New to Cloud and Want to Learn the Key Elements for Getting Started in Informatica Cloud? - If you or your team is brand new to cloud and have not been on a phone call with one of our Customer Success Managers to understand the key elements for a successful cloud onboarding, then consider signing up for an Informatica Accelerate Group Session.
  • New to Cloud, Know the Basics of Getting Started and Are Ready to Start Training? - If you or your team have already been on a phone call with one of our Customer Success Managers to understand the key elements for a successful cloud onboarding, then consider signing up for one of our Foundational Courses: Cloud 101 and Cloud 201.
  • Completed Basic Cloud Training and Ready to Learn More - If you have been using Informatica Cloud and already know the basics, then consider signing up for one of our Supplemental Courses , Learning Labs or Tutorials.We also offer Virtual Cloud Solutions Architect (“CSA”) sessions on different topics that will supplement your learning.

The Informatica Cloud Accelerate Program is designed to assist our cloud customers with their onboarding and training needs as a free service included with your cloud subscription. It includes access to Informatica Accelerate Group Sessions, Informatica Accelerate 1:1 Sessions , Virtual CSA sessions  and of course the complete catalog of self-paced classes, labs and resources.

You should attend if:

  • You have purchased a Cloud Subscription and want guidance on getting started in Informatica Cloud.
  • You would like to review what is typically covered in a cloud subscription.
  • You would like to hear more about the resources available to you and your team.
  • You want to learn more about how to connect with the community of Informatica Product users.
  • You need to download, install and setup the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent.
  • You want to understand more about where you can access Connector documentation and information on Cloud Customer Success Packs.
  • You want to learn more about Cloud Academy and what courses are available to accelerate your learning.
  • To enable you to create your Informatica Cloud Account, create Orgs and get your license(s) provisioned to your Org(s) and Connector(s).
  • To learn how to enroll in self-paced training classes available on demand on Cloud Academy.
  • To learn how to create your Informatica Network account, use the self-help tools to access the Knowledge Base and Technical Documentation.
  • To learn how to submit a request to our Global Customer Support Team or GCS. Assistance with downloading and installing the Secure Agent.
  1. First, you will need to create an account on the Informatica Cloud Academy portal.
  2. Then sign up for a group session or a 1:1 session from the Cloud Academy calendar.
  3. Once registered, you will receive a WebEx meeting invitation with details for dialing into the meeting.
  1. The Accelerate Group Session is offered on Tuesday’s at 11AM (CST) and it hosted by a Virtual Customer Success Manager. This session can accommodate up to 14 people. The 1:1 session is offered on Thursday’s at 9:30 CST and 3:30 CST and is hosted by a Virtual Customer Success Manager.
  2. Only one customer will be accommodated at a time. The material that is covered is the same but it offers a more personal experience.

A Virtual CSA gives you the expert guidance to enable your projects successfully in Informatica Cloud. These sessions cover a range of the most popular cloud use cases, from working with connectors to designing a real-time application integration workflow. If you need personalized guidance, best practices and a “do-it-with-me” approach you can work virtually with a CSA by purchasing a Cloud Expert Success Pack.

No. Informatica Cloud Academy and Informatica Cloud are two separate portals requiring you to register accounts for each portal.

Yes, our course catalog is free to all Informatica Cloud customers as well as for potential customers who wish to trial Informatica Cloud. However, if you want to become a Certified Cloud Specialist then there is a fee to take the exam to obtain the certificate.

  1. Choose your certification track. 
  2. Take all the Foundational Courses on Cloud Academy.
  3. Take all the Supplemental Courses on Cloud Academy. 
  4. Take all the Learning Labs on Cloud Academy. 
  5. Take and pass the Proctored Certification Exam. 
  1. Login to your Cloud Academy account.
  2. In the left negation menu, click Dashboard > Profile

You can manage your badges from your profile: mark them as public or private as well as download your badges to your computer.

A fee based catalog of courses is available on Informatica University. Informatica University offers several options for learning training whether it is on-demand, virtual training, on-site or instructor led.

Initially only users with a course in-flight will see their progress. Users with completed courses will be migrated in batches, bringing you course completed history to the new site.

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