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CC360 Best Practices : CC360 Contact Mastering

How to Configuring Contact Mastering

CC360 Best Practices : Cloud MDM Segmentation

Cloud MDM uses segmentation settings in order to create “buckets” of data for de-duplication and matching to take place.
Cloud MDM uses the first 3-4 characters from the segment value on the bean to create these buckets of data to help in the performance levels when comparing records during processing

CC360 Best Practices : Cloud MDM Hints and Tips

Cloud MDM Configuration Hints and Tips on Installation,Configurations , Data Scout Settings, Synchronization Settings, Segment Settings , Duplicate Accounts etc.,

CC360 Best Practices: Noise Words

Noise words are words which appear against an account name value which may lead to the fuzzy engine of Cloud MDM to miss duplicate record detection or indeed result in false positives when analysing data for duplicates.

CC360 Best Practices :Settings Dictionary

This Cloud MDM Settings Dictionary was develloped by the Informatica Cloud MDM team to help get started with the configuration process.


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