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Cloud Analytics Specialist

Welcome to the Learning Labs Section of Informatica Cloud Academy! Upon successful completion of the learning labs you will receive a congratulations email which will include a link to WebAccessor, our Online Skill Assessment Software, where you will be able to register and schedule a convenient time to take the certification exam.

Cloud Analytics

We are updating this course. Please check back with Cloudacademy@informatica.com for availability!


Coming Soon!!! Course is under Construction

Cloud B2B Gateway

An introduction to Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway intended for business users, system integrator and developers who wish to automate secure data exchange across partner networks through a cloud interface.

Cloud 101 (Japanese)

An introduction to Informatica Cloud Services intended for business users who wish to integrate data across cloud-based applications and on-premise systems and databases. This class addresses specific business processes (customer/product master synchronization, opportunity to order, etc.) and point-to-point data integration (e.g. Salesforce.com to on-premise end-points), as well as best practices for cloud-based data integration.


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